Terms And Conditions

Before proceeding to place an order for any of YOURWEBDESIGNCOURSES.COM products and services, please be mindful of the following terms and conditions. By placing an order, you are confirming that you have read and agree with the terms in this contract.

In this contract all references to ‘the company’ refer BOCHUMABLES LIMITED. Any mention of we/us/our also refers to BOCHUMABLES LIMITED.

1.URL Ownership


2. Our Products and Services

Before an order can be placed, users must create an account. Customer name, date of birth and email addresses are saved securely and are linked with a unique account number. Customers must log in to their account when future purchases are desired. Products can only be purchased by a customer that holds a unique account number. Sensitive data that is collected during account set-up is handled in line with our confidentiality agreement which outlined in our Privacy Policy.

2.1 Online Consultancy

In order to access our consultancy service the customer must have a unique account number which will be assigned on successful creation of an online account. Upon requesting a call from one of our consultants you will be required to enter your payment details. Payment will be processed on requesting this call. Consultancy services start at 12800 NGN/h, however if the full hour is not required then the bill will be reduced accordingly.

Our guarantee to provide you with a website that meets your functional and aesthetic requirements is dependent on the customer providing all pre-existing information and graphics which are required to build the site. The YOURWEBDESIGNCOURSES.COM team will revise the design until the customer is fully satisfied; the customer will be informed of the charges to date on a regular basis (or on request). Customers are invited to give feedback at each stage, feedback must be provided within a reasonable timeframe (approximately 1 week) to avoid delays to the project.

We are committed remaining transparent regarding costs during the consultancy service; you have not entered into a contract and are free to leave the service at any time. It is important to note the website will not go live until the payment has been received in full.

3. Fees/ Payments

Prices for our products are shown above or below each item. Prices are not open to dispute as they are clearly displayed next to the product icon which must be selected before the item can be added to the customer's basket. In exceptional cases where customers have bought products by mistake, refunds will be permitted. However, customers must get in touch with the company via the online form as soon as the mistake has been realised.

Consultancy services start at 12800 NGN/h; further sessions will be arranged on a case-by-case basis. Billing will occur immediately after the call has been requested.

We use a secure payment platform to process all transactions. Customers are billed electronically and will receive an email to confirm that the payment has successfully been received by YOURWEBDESIGNCOURSES.COM. All payments will appear with the following descriptor: BOCHUMABLES .

4. Product Transfers and Refunds

Products are delivered in a digital format therefore there should be no damages which might be incurred, however, if you feel the product is not as described or you have received a product that you did not intend to order, then please get in touch with us via our online form as soon as possible to arrange a product exchange or refund.

If you feel that the product is not as described and you are disappointed with your purchase, you may request a refund for up to 14 days.

5. Product Delivery

All products are in electronic form. Your purchase should be accessible immediately, however, please allow 24 hours for the product to arrive in your inbox as payment must be processed before any electronic items are sent. Items will be sent to the email address used when the user account was created. If you have not received your product after 24 hours, please check your spam folder before getting in touch with us.

6. Copyright and Usage Rights

Electronic training products and guides are for personal use only and must not be circulated within an organisation to avoid infringing copyright law. If you feel your organisation would benefit from the information contained within our learning packages, please get in touch to arrange a corporate training day or business user licence. Usage rights outlined here apply to all aspects of our electronic resources, including graphics, audio, logos and text. You are breaking the law by using any of our products for anything other than personal use without first acquiring permission from the content creator.

Under the following circumstances, the use of our digital products is prohibited:
- Creating digital copies without permission
- Electronically sending digital products to third parties or making unlicensed content available on public domains without permission
- Re-publishing our eLearning products with minor alterations

7. Liability and Indemnity

The company does not accept liability for potential financial losses caused by the website being unfunctional due to ongoing maintenance. The customer should make alternative provisions which will enable them to continue their line of income whilst works are in progress if they are concerned about missing out on sales due to the website being taken offline. We do not accept liability for any loss in earnings due to unforeseen additional work or last-minute alterations that might mean that the customer’s internal deadline is missed. We do not accept liability for copyright infringement as a result of utilising graphics, figures and images which were provided to our designers by the customer.

BOCHUMABLES LIMITED will not enter into an agreement to compensate the customer if the project continues longer than the predicted deadline date since there are many unknown factors which may delay the timeline.

BOCHUMABLES LIMITED will not accept responsibility for any legal costs associated with any claims against the customer that arise from third parties as a result of direct/ indirect use of BOCHUMABLES LIMITED products or services. If a lawsuit arises against the contracted party (customer), it is the customer’s responsibility to defend the company from said lawsuits.

Your personal and company information will be held in confidence. BOCHUMABLES LIMITED takes the handling of sensitive material very seriously. Please read our Privacy Policy for more detailed information.

8. Cancellation Policy

If there are reasonable grounds, customers are entitled to a full refund for up to 14 days.

9. Government Law and Jurisdiction

Before filing a court claim against BOCHUMABLES LIMITED, you agree to first attempt to informally resolve the issue by contacting us directly where you will be put in touch with our legal team.

If matters cannot be resolved in this manner, you and the company agree to resolve matters exclusively in the Nigeria court of law. Both parties will consent to venue and personal jurisdiction in this court.

10. Miscellaneous

If any provision herein is held to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not in any way be affected or impaired.

11. Contact us

YOURWEBDESIGNCOURSES.COM can be contacted at any time via our contact form. Our customer service employees will endeavour to respond to your query within 48 hours.


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